Bikini Reviews

Welcome to micro bikini reviews where we offer insight and reviews on various styles of bikinis from micro to Brazilian and everything in between. What exactly is a micro bikini?  We all know that micro refers to small or tiny, but that definition varies within the mind of each and every person.  There are some who may consider a traditional string bikini to be tiny, but this is far from an actual micro style.  There are actually several styles of micro bikini, from more “modest” coverage to the teeniest imaginable.   Even in a more modest style, the micro bikini is defined by its small, sexy cut.  A regular micro bikini is noticeably skimpier than a traditional bikini style, yet still offers coverage in the expected areas.  There are, however some extreme versions of the micro bikini which consist of even less fabric, just enough to cover the genital areas.  Most of these styles include a microscopic amount of fabric held together by very narrow strings.  Some extreme styles even go so far as to use an adhesive, eliminating the use of even a string.  This style is favored by those who wish to be nude at a beach that does not allow nudity, allowing these individuals to be nearly nude without breaking the law.

Think of a traditional triangle top.  The cups usually cover most of the breast, possibly providing a bit of cleavage.  A micro triangle top may have a similar shape, but fabric will be cut smaller.  In one of the extreme styles, it will be just enough to cover the nipple area.  Most versions will have the tiny triangles held together with delicate strings.  However, some risque styles may simply have adhesive, resembling a pasty.

With respect to bikini bottoms, some may think that any style of thong would be considered micro.  Like the top, a micro bottom provides extreme minimal coverage.  While a traditional thong does reveal the entire butt cheek, there is still quite a bit of fabric to be seen.  A micro thong will use the thinnest possible string for a near invisible look from the behind.  The front of a micro bottom is also cut much smaller.  Though it may be advertised as low-cut or minimal front coverage, a traditional bottom still has  a great deal of fabric, covering the lower tummy.  A micro style is cut much smaller allowing for a sexier shape, but also provides more room for tanning.  If this were not skimpy enough, an extreme bottom will often reveal all but the genital area, using even less fabric.  This type of bottom will usually be held together by very thin strings, creating a thong or G-string as previously mentioned.  Some extreme styles even use adhesive to cover only the genital area with absolutely nothing showing in back.  This version is called the C-string.

The above are some examples of micro bikini, ranging from regular to extreme. Click on the left tabs for more detailed descriptions of various styles.